Volunteer Opportunities

The Pearl District Neighborhood Association is a community driven organization, seeking individuals like yourself to assist in volunteer opportunities. Our volunteer team will help find the right task for you – whether it be something simple, or leading your own committee. We would like to extend our volunteering opportunity to all residents, business owners, property owners, and or non-profit representatives.



Volunteer Examples

Neighborhood Reporters and Photographers The Communications Committee is actively searching for “Pearl District Reporters” and “Photographers” to help provide content to our site. We are eager to get input from all parts of the neighborhood. Tell us about your day while strolling through the Pearl, let us know how the park was, or tell us about your shopping experience…the sky is the limit. Contact Kate if you are interested.


Gardeners Wanted Have you moved to the Pearl and left your garden behind? You can still dig in the dirt by joining the River District Community Garden, located on NW 16th between NW Johnson and Kearney. Talk to a gardener there or contact the Zimmerman Community Center, 503-224-4636.


Help for Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels provide meals five days a week at the First Immanuel Lutheran Church, NW Irving and 19th. Call 503-226-3659 to offer your help. The food is cooked downtown and brought to the church. You can help serve and act as hosts to neighbors.  

PDNA Activities The Pearl District Neighborhood Association is always looking for interested persons who will help carry on the activities of the neighborhood. If you are interested in Good Neighbor Agreements, graffiti, safety issues, more trash cans in the area, noise issues, tree planting, and other livability issues there is a place for you. Contact the PDNA for more info.