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Trash In the Pearl – Livability Position Paper

Posted By johntarantino1 on March 19, 2010

Pearl District

View from Portland City Grill, photo taken by Tina Penman

The livability committee has published an extensive position paper titled “Trash In The Pearl”. It’s composed of several livability issues in the Pearl District which include trash, cigarette butts, pets in the Pearl, and graffiti. Each section of the position paper contains a recommendation put together by the committee and approved by the board. Please feel free to download, read, and distribute.

The goal of this study is to materially improve some components which impact livability in the Pearl District. This includes reduction of undesirable waste by providing conveniently located trash receptacles, pet waste stations, and cigarette disposal boxes throughout the Pearl District, as well as more effective graffiti abatement. The aim is to provide for sustainable maintenance of these through a shared public/private partnership made up of residents, businesses, and the City of Portland…

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