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Traffic Pattern Changes For North of Lovejoy

Posted By johntarantino1 on November 4, 2010

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New streetcar tracks, one-way streets will affect cyclists in the Pearl District

As part of the Portland Streetcar Loop Project, new tracks were installed and traffic patterns changed in the Pearl District. These changes will alter the cycling conditions in the vicinity of the west end of the Broadway Bridge and require that all travelers in the area be aware of new signs, lane markings, street and signal configurations and streetcar tracks.

The Portland Streetcar Loop Project is a 3.3-mile extension of the existing streetcar system from the Pearl District in NW Portland, across the Broadway Bridge and south to OMSI.

Major changes in the Pearl at the west end of the Broadway Bridge:

NW Lovejoy between NW 13th and 10th is a one-way, eastbound street that is closed to vehicles traveling westbound from the Broadway Bridge.

NW Northrup between NW 10th and 16th is a one-way, westbound street.

NW Marshall between NW 9th and 16th is a two-way street with a new bikeway that is the preferred route for cyclists accessing the west end of the Broadway Bridge. Improvements to the street include the addition of sharrows (shared lane markings), asphalt pathways in areas with cobblestones, and bicycle wayfinding signs and pavement markings.

NW Lovejoy between NW 9th and 10th has multiple streetcar tracks that present obstacles to cyclists.

A new “Copenhagen Left” turn box on NW Lovejoy at NW 9th is for cyclists traveling westbound from the Broadway Bridge turning southbound on NW 9th. See diagram below.

The bicycle lanes on NW Lovejoy between 9th and 13th Avenue have been removed.

NW Johnson between NW 14th and 9th will have shared lane markings for cyclists (sharrows) installed in the near future by the City.

Notes for westbound cyclists traveling from the Broadway Bridge:

To access the new bikeway on NW Marshall, cyclists must turn right at NW 9th while yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, travel one block north while transitioning to the new shared left-turn lane, and then turn onto NW Marshall. See diagram of NW 9th below for details.

To access the bikeway on NW Johnson and points south, cyclists should use the new “Copenhagen Left” turn box on NW Lovejoy at NW 9th. To do this, cyclists are advised to ride through the intersection to the green box in the northwest corner, stop there and reposition their bicycle to face southbound, wait for the traffic signal on NW 9th to turn green for southbound travel, and then go. See diagram of NW Lovejoy and NW 9th Copenhagen Left below for details.

For further information, please contact Kay Dannen at 503-478-6404 or or visit for regular construction updates.

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