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The Jamison Park Loo

Posted By johntarantino1 on July 1, 2010

Jamison LooThe Planning and Transportation Committee will hear alternatives to the installation of the proposed Jamison Loo at the Tuesday meeting at Prem Group (check calendar for details). Their will be an open comment period for the public to comment on alternative solutions to the southwest corner of Jamison Square Park. The PDNA board will then vote on the issue at the upcoming board meeting on July 8th. Again check the calendar page for details.

The Jamison Park Loo has been a topic of emotion the past year. It has been a topic discussed at board meetings, the planning committee, but not on the website. The PDNA voted sometime last year to solve the issue of no public restrooms in the highly utilized public park. At the time the park was built, no one realized how many people would flock to the urban park/plaza. The neighborhood association is for the placement of a loo because it is a permanent structure that is for the public to use. During the summer many families flock to the park with little children who often play in the water fountain. Jamison Square Park and the Pearl District are a tourist destination that people from out of the region as well as locals come to visit. Currently, visitors of the park either take children to nearby alley ways, gardens, etc. to relieve themselves or overburden nearby businesses with restroom requests.

In December 2009, Sandra Ammerman and Sheila McMahon from Tanners Place Condominiums asked City Council for public hearings on the Jamison Loo. Commissioner Randy Leonard told the two to come to consensus on the placement of the loo with the PDNA.

If you feel strongly about this topic, please attend the planning meeting this Tuesday, July 6th to voice your opinion.

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