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Ever-Increasing Graffiti

Posted By Bill Bagnall on March 22, 2017

According to a recent report to City Council by Juliette Muracchioli from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s (ONI) Graffiti Abatement Program, high priority graffiti reports involving hate or gang tags have increased considerably from 2011 through 2016. Much of this increase has occurred in the past two to three years.   The cost of damages…..

Proposed Alcohol Impact Area in Downtown & the Pearl

Posted By johntarantino1 on February 18, 2010

VIBRANT PDX: Volunteering as Innovative Businesses to Reduce Alcohol-related Nuisances Together. The City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) is forming an area wide coalition to address livability and public safety issues in the Downtown core: ONI is proposing a voluntary agreement between the City of Portland and all the holders of Oregon Liquor…..