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Review of Annual Meeting

Posted By johntarantino1 on October 15, 2010

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Over a hundred Pearl District Residents showed up for our annual meeting last night. It seemed to be quite a bit more than last year. There was hardly anywhere to sit as many had to stand during the whole meeting. The meeting itself went a little faster than scheduled as it seemed many people kept their speaking times fairly short.

I would like to thank Joan Pendergast and Dave Davis, president and vice president of the board, for leading the meeting. The meeting was business as usual and even seemed a bit more fun…maybe it was the wine running through everyone.

The election this year was uncontested, which means that all nominations filled the available positions. Our board has room for 20 board members. I suspect as the organization and the neighborhood continue to grow, individual votes will be more critical in future board elections now that we have a full board. If you are interested in aiding the PDNA, their is always room for volunteers on our committees.

Congratulations to those the renewed board members and the newly elected board members.

The following people were elected this year for 2-year terms:
· Current Board Members: Dave Davis, Yasmine Faroud, Patricia Gardner, Bob Girsberger and Bruce Levy.
· New nominees: Craig Boretz, Jack Featheringill, Crista Gortmaker, Helen Jones, and Karen Beninati.

The following people were elected this year for a 1-year term:
· New nominees: Sheila McMahon and Ron Jennings.

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