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Portland Wants Your Great Ideas!

Posted By Kate Washington on February 23, 2012

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Have you ever thought up an idea for an app that would make Portland work better? Do you have the programming chops to make an app come to life? If you’re a dreamer or a builder or a dreamer/builder, now’s the time to jump into the CitySync Challenge.
Once CitySync is complete (with your help!), it will be the ultimate go-to site for all the information you need to connect with your neighborhood and your city. CitySync will be a platform for tools and services to help residents and local businesses, all powered by government and community data. Cool. Now all it needs are some apps to help fulfill its mission.
That’s where the Challenge comes in. The CitySync Challenge includes two distinct phases:
  1. CitySync Ideas Challenge. You don’t have to be a programmer for this part of the contest, just someone who has awesome ideas.
  2. CitySync Apps Challenge. The CitySync Apps Challenge aims for developers to turn the public’s best ideas (or theirs) into applications.
The app development round culminates in a Best of Show award ceremony that provides peer recognition for participants, as well as a good meet & greet opportunity for developers and local business people. Red Ribbon winners each receive an in-kind prize worth $50 or $100. Blue Ribbon winners receive $1000 in sponsored cash and are given an opportunity to demonstrate their application during the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony ends with the overall winner taking home an additional Best of Show award. See  Prize Awards for more information.
Questions? Check out the  FAQ.
Now, c’mon, get appy.

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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