Planning and Transportation Committee


The Planning and Transportation Committee is focused on the built environment of the Pearl District. All projects going through city design review are reviewed. Any neighborhood planning efforts regarding city code, design guidelines, design in general, and transportation are done in this committee.

The committee tracks transportation issues and advocates for transportation solutions. The committee also tracks the River District Urban Renewal District and advocates on behalf of the neighborhood with the Portland Development Commission.

The Pearl District is a very important urban neighborhood in Portland’s Central City and, as a result, several city and public-approved plans inform the development and design of the district. These plans are the result of thousands of hours of community input and are designed to be implemented over multiple decades. They take a long-term view of the Pearl District and its role for the city, the region, and the urban growth boundary.

Meeting Notes and Agendas


Applicable Plans

Union Station Presentation June 2017

Pearl District Development Plan

North Pearl District Plan

Centennial Mills Framework Plan

Central City Concept 2035 Plan

West Quadrant Plan

Central City Transportation Management Plan

Burnside-Couch Transportation and Urban Design Plan

West End Plan

Central City Plan

The River Plan

13th Avenue Historic District Design Guidelines

River District Design Guidelines Central City Design Guidelines

Freeway Loop Advisory Plan

Pearl District Access and Circulation Plan

Flanders Greenway



The entire neighborhood is zoned EX for central employment mixed use

The entire district is subject to district code and, specifically, the Central City Plan District Code

Useful Resources

Neighborhood Planning Handbook

Central City Developer’s Handbook

Committee Details

  • Chair: Reza Farhoodi & David Dysert

  • Contact: Send Email

  • Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month @ 6:00 PM


  • PNCA

  • 511 NW Broadway

  • Notes: Guests are welcome to attend. Becoming a committee member: you must not only be a PDNA member, but attend six meetings and go through a seminar.