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PDNA Volunteer Hours = $65,427

Posted By Kate Washington on December 4, 2012

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The Livability Committee first addressed the increasing trash issues in the Pearl District in 2010. Based on the committee’s proposals, in 2011/20112, we implemented several programs as solutions for the issues. The programs and relevant numbers are listed below.


Graffiti Busters (Volunteers) in 2011/2012 worked 2584 hours performing graffiti abatement; at a livable wage of, say, $18.80 per hour = over $48,000 in value to the community.


CleanScapes donated $9000 in professional graffiti abatement (graffiti which volunteers are not allowed, by ordinance, to abate or for which they do not have the equipment to do so — such as power washers).


Polish the Pearl (Volunteers) in 2011/2012 worked 927 hours x $18.80 per hour = $17,427 in value to the community. Trash weighing 6,505 lbs. + 1741 lbs of recyclables was collected. (Previously, Polish the Pearl was conducted only once annually.)


In fall, 2011, donations of 60 trashcans (valued at $44,350), were made to the Pearl District. In 2011/2012, these have been “adopted” by individuals, businesses and organizations, at a value to the community of $25,000 per year.


Additionally, the PDNA raised funds for the purchase of 16 “Fido House Deluxe” pet waste stations ($6330), which have been sponsored by individuals, businesses and organizations, at a value to the neighborhood of $6240 per year.


The Livability Committee has, in addition to efforts to remove and control issues of trash, worked toward efforts of sustainability.


For instance, we applied for and were awarded a neighborhood grant for “Permanent Plates for the Pearl”, in the amount of $1200, which provided for four hundred sets of plates, cups, forks, knives and spoons, to be used at public events, instead of disposables. These have been used at the Pearl Party fund raiser, and are shared with other community events, such as the annual NW Examiner Community Awards dinner and others.


Another sustainability effort is the ONI grant we received for “Graffiti Free Zone 97209″, in the amount of $3168. which supplied our individual Graffiti Busters with tool kits for adopting each of the 120 blocks of the Pearl District. In addition, this grant enabled us to share supplies with contiguous neighborhoods, such as Goose Hollow and the NW District.

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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