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PDNA Opposes Lack of Public Process and Code Violations

Posted By Kate Washington on August 28, 2013

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The City of Portland is proposing to move the Right 2 Dream Too camp from Burnside to under the Broadway Bridge. We have provided links below to articles which summarize the story. Below those links is a letter opposing this proposal on the grounds that there has been no public process (deliberately, we learned) and the institutionalization of camping violates both the Portland Development Commission’s mission and several City and State codes and zoning laws. We encourage you to respond to this matter if you feel compelled, but remember that the issue is not about property values, it’s about the City’s violation of  our trust and its own integrity.


The Oregonian


The Portland Mercury




Link to PDF version of the letter


If you would like to share your thoughts, here is contact information:


Charlie Hales, Mayor


phone: 503-823-4120


Amanda Fritz, Commissioner


phone: 503-823-3008


Nick Fish, Commissioner


phone: 503-823-3589


Steve Novick, Commissioner


phone: 503-823-4682


Dan Saltzman, Commissioner


phone: 503-823-4151

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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  1. MarthaBears

    I do agree that the City of Portland, failed to go thru the proper channels of accountability, and outreach, with regards to this important matter, and my questions would be: (1) Why now? Why are they moving the homeless camp known as Right 2 Dream 2 aka R2D2? (2) Does R2D2 approve of this move? (3) How do Pearl residents feel about this, with regards to property value, or otherwise? (4) Other alternative(s)? Let’s avoid NIMBY, I wish to add!

    In defense of R2D2, I observed that many homeless, often come to our neighborhood, for various reasons, but the majority, do not cause any problems, with a few exceptions, and I personally support the R2D2 camp moving under the Broadway bridge, primarily due to the fact, that R2D2, is a well organized, efficient, and humane solution, to the distressing shortage of shelters currently available for homeless persons in our area. R2D2, is well regarded in our community, has strong ties to local authorities, and has well defined rules for conduct. As long as R2D2 continues to operate in this manner, I see no criteria for exclusion, and encourage an on-going dialogue, between the PDNA, R2D2, City of Portland, social service providers, business community, and other important partners. Thank you.

  2. Scott

    Thank you for registering this complaint with the city. The lawsuits that would result from this illegally sited illegal encampment would be huge for the city. What a ridiculous solution.

  3. J Buono

    We agree with the comments listed in the PDNA August 28, 2013 letter to Commissioner Fritz. It is hard to believe our great city would ignore the public process for any issue. It does not appear that moving the encampment would solve any problem. We believe a long term solution should be in place for the health and safety of all citizens of Portland – the homeless as well as those with homes. Thank you.

    • RamonaOdierna

      Following is an excerpt of Commissioner Fritz’s email response dated 08.27 to my question as to whether procedures were properly followed:
      “The procedures prior to a possible move are still being reviewed.
      While the City will inform neighbors if a housing project is happening in a neighborhood, there is no requirement to seek or receive approval from neighbors.”

  4. adina flynn

    Did the city violate any laws or just the writers expectations? It is not clear from the letter which seems very emotive and leads me to believe that it is driven from a “not in my neighborhood” mentality. I do not oppose the camp, which I had heard was moving there, and I don’t appreciate the letter being written on my behalf. Unless this was discussed at the annual meeting, which I unfortunately missed, you have done the same think you are accusing the city of.

  5. RamonaOdierna

    I completely agree with Patricia Gardner and thank her for the excellent and pertinent letter she wrote to Commissioner Fritz. Amanda Fritz’s stealth plan is particularly astonishing as she achieved her well-deserved election victory in part because of her long history of neighborhood involvement and empowerment, and community activism. It boggles the mind that she is now attempting to nonchalantly ride roughshod over our neighborhood.
    The Pearl District, along with Old Town and Downtown, already has a high-density homeless population. It is an indisputable fact that a part of this population creates a multitude of problems for the surrounding businesses and residents.
    The plan to establish a more or less permanent ‘tent city’ at our doorstep is another attempt by the city leaders to avoid a real and long-term solution and build urgently needed, adequate and safe housing for the economically disadvantaged.
    Personally, I am ready to fight City Hall all the way.

  6. Eric

    The city would not allow any citizen to run a for-profit campground on a lot within the city that is not zoned for that, particularly if we didn’t meet health and building codes. So why are they able to propose violating their own and the state’s codes? Fritz inaccurately perceives The Pearl District as being comprised of superficial rich people. This is her way of exacting revenge. She wants you to have to deal with mentally ill people urinating on your building. She wants you to have to step over used condoms in the park. She wants your property value to decline. Fritz is going to damage our neighborhood.

  7. Eric

    Please post information on this in the building you live in and include Charlie Hales and Amanda Fritz’s contact information. Many people in our neighborhood are still unaware of this situation. We need people to voice their displeasure by phone, email, and at city council meetings.

  8. chrishough

    My family has lived in many cities in the states and we have seen what this can do to a neighborhood first hand. Is there a formal petition going around? I believe this will be a HUGE issue for our community. Vandalism and thefts are the least of my worries. What about sexual assault? Destroying children’s playgrounds and our new beautiful parks. One building or set of tax payers will have a hard time preventing this, our entire neighborhood working against it is a different story.

    Politicians do not get reelected for misguided decisions like this.

    • calebsmt

      most sexual assaults are committed by family members, friends, and acquaintances. Your comments about the homeless encourages people to continue and disenfranchise them

  9. calebsmt

    we can’t hide the homeless, like we couldn’t put lepers on an island. Don’t want to see or live with the homeless, then move to a rural area

  10. dck

    I too would appreciate an update if anyone knows the latest. I am in complete agreement with Patricia Gardner and I am ashamed of the city of Portland, particularly Amanda Fritz. This is not a solution, this is a band-aide that makes our city officials look ridiculous, Charlie Hales should be embarrassed.

  11. CNB

    Why does Downtown Portland have to be the epicenter of homelessness for the region?! How about the camp move to Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, or one of the other cities nearby. Oh wait – they would have public participation in the process and would (of course) tell R2d2 to go to hell. These people in the camp are not the martyr-saints that Fritz portrays them to be. They do drugs and drink just like all of the other homeless people – they just don’t do it in their camp. They also wander the streets during the day, panhandling, rummaging through trash cans, etc. The shear number of homeless in this city is overwhelming and embarassing – we need to stop concentrating them into one area – downtown Portland – and spread them around so that their impact on any one neighborhood is less apparent.

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