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PDNA Installing Trash Cans in the Neighborhood

Posted By johntarantino1 on January 9, 2011

PDNA trashcans
Monday January 10th at 10:30am the Pearl District Neighborhood Association will be installing the first 4 of 60 donated trashcans (each trashcan new cost approximately $900). The way this volunteer driven program came together is what makes the event special.

A number of organizations working side-by-side, including CleanScapes, the City of Portland, the Seattle Seahawks, the PDBA, Jan Valentine (Livability Chair of the PDNA) and an army volunteers created and implemented a program called Adopt-a-Trashcan. The Adopt-a-Trashcan program was developed for a need that surfaced in our rapidly growing neighborhood. The PDNA Livability Committee noticed that the Pearl District did not have some of the essential tools an urban neighborhood needs to keep its streets clean and welcoming. There were a number of problems that were starting to develop. Trash, graffiti, pet waste, cigarette butts and noise were the first problems that the PDNA Livability committee decided to address. If you have ever walked through the Pearl you may have left with the same empty coffee cup or worse…pet waste bag that you came with. The few trashcans in the Pearl have been taken care of over the years by civic minded companies like Cha Cha Cha. Up to this point these companies have received little or no recognition for their efforts. Their efforts include emptying multiple trashcans, multiple times per day. Our plan is to place a plaque on each trashcan in the Pearl District that has been adopted on a volunteer basis. This plaque will be to recognize new and long standing volunteers.

Adopt-a-Trashcan was created after research was conducted and a position paper was written.

The PDNA Livability Committee first went to the City of Portland and was unable to solicit their help, initially. Joshua Ryan with the PDBA was eventually able to convince them to donate 24 concrete city issue trashcans. Later, Denay Love with CleanScapes coordinated a donation from the Seattle Seahawks of 36 additional trashcans. Phase 1 of the Adopt-a-Trashcan program is now complete with 30 of the trashcans being adopted by businesses, residents, and organizations. We will be installing the first of many needed trashcans Monday. If you are interested in using our story to encourage community volunteerism please contact the PDNA’s Livability Committee at

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