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Magical Cavalia

Posted By Kate Washington on November 1, 2011

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by Lanai Hoyt,
Pearl District Neighborhood Association Livability and Communications Committees

An incredible transformation has happened in addition to the PDNA’s recent Polish the Pearl event. An enormous pearly-white tent resembling a magical castle has been erected there containing a show named ‘Cavalia’. Cavalia is the brainchild of Normand Latourelle, one of the pioneers of Cirque du Soleil. Under the world’s largest touring Big Top, horses and humans share the stage in a unique combination of equestrian arts, multimedia, dance and acrobatics that are a fantastical extravaganza of visually breathtaking adventures set to live music and charged with pure emotion. Las Vegas Magazine raved, “The stunning multimedia backdrop baffles the eyes, the athleticism and acrobatics stun the senses, and the horses touch the soul.”  This show promises to transport spectators in a dream-like state to a larger-than-life fairy tale celebrating the emotional and physical bond between human and horse. It has been touring the world since the fall of 2003 with sold-out shows, extended runs, and overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews in every city. The show anticipates more than 70,000 spectators per city.

Dave Davis of Pearl District Properties and President of the Pearl District Neighborhood Association remarked, “This is tremendous for the ‘hood, getting families involved and having entertainment. We haven’t had any rock concerts here or anything, and this is so tasteful, I am very excited about it, it’s the extra shot we need for our businesses, it’s tremendous for the neighborhood, and I can’t wait to get my kids and grandkids here to see it. They bring 100 employees here and they will employ another 100.  The thing I really like is you get 2,000 people a night, and 4,000 on a Saturday down here visiting restaurants, shops, and walking the streets; it’s great for business. And if this is as successful as we think it is going to be, why not have Cirque Du Soleil here as well.”

“Since the ground preparation for the tent began, the area around 13th and Quimby has become even more cleaned-up”, said Crystal Haight, Business Manager of the Ramona Apartments. In late October, on the day of the tent-raising Normand Latourelle related, “Of course there is an economic impact when we come. Locally we spend money; I mean, even just for lodging.  It’s a lot of spending, not only renting of apartments by the staff, but also when the public is coming they go in the area to restaurants and shops, and here you have a lot of them. Many times when we set up in the neighborhood where people live, when we are dismantling, I see people coming next to the side and crying because we leave; and this is what touches me the most.  In a few months, they’re going to feel like we are part of them. And of course they’re going to see the show; the show is very moving, very beautiful. Overall, we become part of what’s going on in the neighborhood.  In regards to our graffiti issue he said, “Well, now it’s become a living area; it’s not a dead area anymore.”

Yes indeed.

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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