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History of the Pearl District

Posted By Adonay Solleiro on January 7, 2014

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A largely forgotten part of Portland’s past became an urban icon of living unlike anything the country had ever seen: A unique blend of verve and vibrancy, with more than a passing nod to Portland’s uncommon brand of originality.


The Pearl District has earned a worldwide reputation for urban renaissance. Diverse, architecturally significant, residential communities thrive here. Galleries rub shoulders with restaurants, shops open to parks, and no one has to squint anymore to see the magic that’s taken hold.


The Pearl is the story of a vision come to life. That story has a beginning, and middle, but to those who have been a part of the transformation – there is no ending. Future plans will assure this “pearl” of a place becomes even more: more sustainable, more livable, more inviting, and more groundbreaking.


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Author: Adonay Solleiro

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