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Posted By Kate Washington on September 7, 2013

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The 2013-2014 goal for the PDNA communications committee is to develop an inter-committee culture that emphasizes communicating with the PDNA membership and neighbors about what the PDNA is doing. Currently, the committee uses monthly electronic newsletters, but news can get out more quickly than that. To that end, committee members have volunteered to be liaisons who fill out a short report after each meeting and then the tidbits of news are shared on Facebook. We will try to upload the files regularly to the website so those who do not use Facebook can also keep up with the PDNA’s work.


Keep in mind that meeting reports are not committee meeting minutes. Minutes are made publicly available here and often experience a delay in being uploaded because they must be voted on at the next meeting and most of our committees only meet once a month (hence the desire to get the word out a little more quickly.)


All files are PDFs, which is hopefully convenient for you to view.


Communications Meeting: August 15, 2013

Livability & Safety Meeting: August 26, 2013

Planning & Transportation Meeting: September 3, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Meeting: September 9, 2013

Board Meeting: September 12, 2013

Planning & Transportation Meeting: September 17, 2013

Communications Meeting: September 19, 2013


If you would like to volunteer to be a liaison for a committee you already attend or would like to join the communications committee, please email us ( We currently need people to report on the Fundraising Committee and the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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