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Should the City Continue to Pay for the Portland Police Mounted Patrol?

Posted By Adonay Solleiro on February 10, 2014

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Portland Commissioner Steve Novick last week called Portland Police Bureau’s Mounted Patrol unit “largely ornamental,” and suggested the city could use its public safety money more wisely to pay for other services.


In a memo he sent to his City Hall colleagues and the media, Novick questioned the sense of spending $860,000 on the police horse patrol. He said the unit appears to be largely for crowd control, but the city hasn’t seen “marauding crowds” for quite some time.


On the heels of Novick’s memo, the Facebook group “Save Portland’s Mounted Patrol” posted on its page an “Action Alert!!” and urged supporters to contact Novick and explain why they believe the mounted patrol is important to Portland, “why our horses make a difference.”


What do you think?


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Author: Adonay Solleiro

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