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The Berries Are In!

Posted By Kate Washington on July 9, 2013

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Strawberries are a big deal in Portland. In the past couple of weeks there have been huge adverts up outside grocery stores, at farmers markets and inside newspapers telling us that ‘the berries are in’. Strawberries in season: what better sign of summer is there?


I’m a fresh strawberry fan so I have already enjoyed quite a number of this year’s ripe, sweet red treats.  In England too, my home country, there is much excitement when local strawberries hit the shelves and pop up in our yards.


So what has this got to do with the Pearl?  Well, did you know that not only can you buy pints of strawberries here, they can be found growing in the Pearl too?  Look closely in Tanner Springs Park and you might catch a glimpse of these wild summer stars thriving amongst the wildflowers. (You will also find plenty of blueberries too!)


To celebrate my strawberries-in-the-city sighting and to really get me ready for summer, I treated myself to a strawberry sorbet.  And where else would I enjoy it but in one of the Pearl’s other popular sunshine spots, Jamison Park. I didn’t see any strawberries growing there but the delicious taste of the sorbet meant that I could imagine being sat in the middle of a strawberry patch.


by Laura Farrar

Author: Kate Washington

Kate is the PDNA's Communication Committee chair leader.

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