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Annual Meeting October 14th

Posted By johntarantino1 on October 8, 2010

The Pearl District Neighborhood Association’s annual meeting will be held Thursday, October 14, 2010, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Irving Street Kitchen located at 701 NW 13th Ave. (corner of 13th and Irving).

The meeting’s agenda will include Board member elections. Current Board members elected at last year’s meeting for 2-year terms are: Judy Gibson, Pat Lydon, Carla Mansur, Joan Pendergast, JT Tarantino and Jan Valentine. Joshua Ryan was elected at the February 11, 2010, Board meeting to fill an opening, and Jason Larson was elected at the March 11, 2010, Board meeting to also fill an opening.

The following people are nominated this year for 2-year terms:
· Current Board Members: Dave Davis, Yasmine Faroud, Patricia Gardner, Bob Girsberger and Bruce Levy.
· New nominees: Craig Boretz, Jack Featheringill, Crista Gortmaker, Helen Jones, and Karen Beninati.

The following people are nominated this year for a 1-year term:
· New nominees: Sheila McMahon and Ron Jennings.

All Pearl residents, business owners and employees are encouraged to attend.

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.

Author: johntarantino1

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  1. johntarantino1


    It is my understanding that the vote was uncontested. Which means their were as many applicants as their were available positions. We have not had a full board of 20 members before, and now we do. So I suspect future elections will be more critical of individual votes.

    Their were over 110 people last night and we only had 18 or so board members, so to say that it was election by the board would be incorrect. I’m sorry that you are disappointed.

    Just out of curiosity, what were your expectations of the meeting last night? We can always try to improve what we do. =)

  2. Frank Niezgoda

    I was very disappointed that the election that took place last night seemed to be an elction of the board, by the board !
    Many who attended last night’s meeting , including myself, did so in order to vote.
    If PDNA members are not permitted to vote, I would appreciate an explination why !

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